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You are THE NIGHT SKY OF WHISPERING WINDS, a vast, alien sky deity! Across the dozens realms you exist in, your interest lies in one with a Giant Swamp, and in that swamp, a Crystal-Clear Pond where you have indulged your vanity for ages. But now, your Pond has been BESET! BY FROGS!

hey there, i'm releasing a twine game that i've been talking about for a good while now! it's a nice weird text adventure with multiple endings i took up to get a hang of twine, as well as make a proof of concept of a big cosmic fantasy setting i've been world-building for a good while now!


  • 4 distinct endings across 2 different story routes!
  • over 22k words of LORE and FROGGITUDE, all in an original story!
  • 4 celestial ladies to advise and guide you in your dealings with the frogs!
  • Maggy, the Charming Old Grandma who works for a Catering Company, and goes Bowling with her Fellow Old Ladies on Fridays, is one of them!
  • a world that changes vastly around you based on your choices!
  • gay frogs!
  • an official pay-what-you-want price, meaning you can either pay for the low low price of free, or pay to help a struggling college student knock out their colossal tuition fee!

    any and all downloads are deeply appreciated! remember to check out the credits first to see the amazing friends who've helped me out a ton along the way, as well as receive a helpful pro tip that will vastly improve the gameplay experience!
  • the first file is recommended for chrome users and is the full experience. however it seems to glitch out a bit on other browsers, so if you're using another browser or don't want to mess with the images or something then the second is very much recommended!


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    OURANOS BESET BY FROGS multi browser accessible vers.html 501 kB